House of Benedict Pattaya Cafe

That you shouldn’t miss out!

The coolest cafe

in Pattaya

that has quickly become a popular destination for cafe hopping alike. If you find yourself in Pattaya and are looking for a must-visit place, House of Benedict Pattaya should definitely be on your list.

This cafe is designed with multiple zones to explore. Upon arrival, you’ll encounter the ticket sales zone, which simulates a station for embarking on a journey into the land of dreams. Please note that there is an admission fee to enter this zone. Beyond that, you’ll discover the Benedict space zone, which is another highlight of the cafe. Here, you’ll be greeted by a crocodile with its mouth wide open in a welcoming gesture. Below this, there are models of a canal and a Toretto boat that provide numerous photo opportunities.

As you make your way upstairs, you’ll find two additional zones: Merry Coco Round and Sleeping Mermaid. The Merry Coco Round zone features a charming princess theme with rotating horses, while the Sleeping Mermaid zone offers a cozy bedroom atmosphere. Both of these zones are situated on the cafe’s second floor.

House of Benedict Pattaya also offers a delightful selection of desserts, such as donuts, and a variety of drinks. Another noteworthy feature of the cafe is the spiral staircase, which is sure to please photography enthusiasts.

You can find the House of Benedict Pattaya located on Chaiyapruek Road, Soi 3, in Na Jomtien. The cafe is open from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m