Location Rental Photoshoot Studio

Immerse in Old Havana Vibes of Our Photoshoot Studio

          Embark on a creative journey with our boutique hotel in central Pattaya, resonating the nostalgic vibes of Old Havana. The Quba Boutique Hotel Pattaya invites you to capture the magic of your special moments with our exclusive location rental packages. From Clothing & Fashion Brand Photoshoots to Location Rentals for Film Shooting and Pre-Wedding Studios, our hotel is ready to serve you.


Time and Rates:

Plan your photoshoot or film production from 08:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


  • Location Rental (For Photoshoot): Starting from THB 3,000
  • Full Day Video/Film Shooting: Starting from THB 20,000
  • Half Day Video/Film Shooting: Starting from THB 10,000

*Prices are subject to change due to terms and conditions. Please get in touch with our sales event team for more pricing details.

Private Party Experience:

Host a private party with our special location rental package, inclusive of a curated Food & Beverage package. For pricing details, please contact our sales event team.

Venue :

Hotel area / Room / LA HABANA

Contact :

Why The Quba Boutique Hotel PHOTOSHOOT STUDIO?

Old Havana Vibes:

Infuse your visuals with the nostalgic charm of Old Havana, setting your content apart.

Full-Service Support:

Our dedicated team ensures a seamless experience, providing support throughout your creative journey.

Captivating Backdrops:

Pattaya’s central location and boutique hotel atmosphere offer captivating backdrops for your photoshoot or film.

Why Book Direct With Us?

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